An education in good financial behaviour is often overlooked by education systems. Yodaa is an endeavour to fix this gap that exists in society, and do it at a time when people can most benefit from knowledge — in their teens.

The Yodaa teen bank focuses on empowerment and opportunity creation by offering teens a personal card and smart money app that enables them to participate in the digital economy, and unlocks a plethora of opportunities for social finance.

Financial education through practice

Yodaa goes beyond being a transactional finance app. It is a platform that educates teens on aspects of money and helps parents mould their kids into responsible adults with a better awareness of personal finance.

By giving teens a card that works independently once parents top it up, Yodaa ensures teens learn to manage their finances. The Yodaa app serves as a link to the Yodaa Card for both the teen user and their parents, and connects them to the larger Yodaa network of trusted friends and other smart teenagers in India and SE Asia. The Yodaa Card works online and in stores, while the app supports peer-to-peer payments to other Yodaa users, helps set up recurring savings plans, provides a facility to split and settle bills instantly, and houses curated learning resources on personal finance.

The Yodaa app also provides intelligent spending insights, and parents can use the app to get spending notifications, as well as set budgets for their children and contribute to their savings plans.

A vision beyond banking

Yodaa is currently invite-only. It is currently rolling out in India, with a release in the Southeast Asia market planned later this year.

Besides being a stepping stone to financial empowerment, Yodaa is also building a network of the smart go getters in the India/SE Asia region — the Yodaa Club. Yodaa’s aim is to create a 25-million strong network of teens that encourages networking, collaboration, and opportunity creation. See our interviews of teen achievers created for the benefit of the Yodaa Club here.  

Built on the first principles of safety and privacy

While Yodaa is revolutionary in its approach and seeks to redefine the way users bank, the first principles of trust, security, privacy, and safety are given utmost importance. From the way the Yodaa app is designed to keeping trust in mind, to following industry standard security and encryption protocols, making sure every user has peace of mind is of utmost importance. For detailed reading, the Yodaa privacy policy is available here.

For more information, please refer to the FAQs on the website, or send an email to